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The Lost Book of Remedies

Dr.Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, a mother, a survival skills instructor, and a biologist.She graduated with a degree in Biology from McGill University in Canada and has her Master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Oregon.This book herbal Remedies or powerful natural remedies for treating different diseases and fighting infection, you can to stop bleeding and treat various skin infection. Though out the book,showing some pictures of the plant to create the remedies in the book.Best of all most of the plant are edible and can provide most essential nutrients your body, the plant are edible as well as to cook them will also discover about plants for treating common colds, high blood pressure, asthma and lung infections.


The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

There are two distinct ways to search through the book.First you’ll be able to easily flip through the booklooking for a specific plant or find out what plants are growing in your area.Each plant has between 2 and 4 highquality color pictures and detailed identification instructions, so anybody can use it as a field guide in theirbackyard or whenever they go out foraging. The second index of the book makes it easy to search by your specific problems, ailments or needs.These are just some of the reasons why this book is a near perfect guide for both beginners, seasoned herbalists or even people

with no plant experience at all. The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is the ultimate guide for learning how you can treat almost every health condition, concern, disease or symptom naturally. It is a comprehensive guide that comes with over 300 pages of natural remedies for physical, mental, and emotional health concerns. All of the plants are separated into a category based on where it can be located. Each plant also comes with detailed instructions on identifying, harvesting, and using the plant, for what types of things it can be used for, step-by-step instructions for using them and making natural remedies, separated them into different categories to make it easy to navigate to what you need. These categories include

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Backyard Weeds

If it looks familiar that’s because it grows in most backyards, and most people weed it out. But what they probably don’t know is that this plant contains a milky substance called lactucarium which acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain. Inside the book you’ll find full instructions on how to turn it into an extract that you can use whenever you are in need.

Wild Plants in Great Plains

The Great Plains and you’ll find ingredients such as anise hyssop, common flax, henbane and sweet grass. You also learn how to identify the plants, how to use them, harvest them, add them to your diet as a nutritional supplement

Trees and Shrubs

you’ll find natural remedies and cures made from things such as black crowberry, bayberry, balsam fir, ash, elderberry, dogwood, sage, and so many more. And just like all of the other categories, you’re given all the information needed to identify, grow, harvest and use each item.

Coastal Tropical, and Water Loving Plants

Take a splash over to the coast and find out what cattails, cocoplum, cranberry, hops, watercress, and much more can do for your health. Of course, everything you need to identify, grow, harvest and use the items

Nationwide Plants

From chives to duckweed, feverfew, goosefoot, lady’s thumb, peppermint, and more, this category tells you how to use plats from across the world.

Household Remedies

It provides you with household remedies as opposed to a list of ingredients. It breaks down recipes and instructions for treating things such as poisoning, acne, snake bites, bed sores, jock itch and much more.

Forests and Woodlands

The Forest and Woodlands category covers everything from club moss to bloodroot, bottle gourd, cardinal flower, hardy kiwi, golden root, juniper berry, Spanish moss, unicorn root – and the list goes on. Just as the name reads, these natural ingredients are commonly found in forests and woodlands. And of course, you aren’t just provided the ingredient information.

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  • Contains a wealth of information that you can come back to at any time
  • Bonus gifts: “The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard” & “The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook”
  • Written and documented by a certified doctor and professional herbalist
  • Natural remedies that work and don’t have any negative side effects
  • The book is well-structured with clear, concise language making it extremely easy to read and understand
  • It’s really affordable
  • Available in both digital and physical copy (physical copies will have additional $8.99 shipping fee)
  • 60-day money back guarantee (buy it, try it then decide if you want to pay for it!)


  • It’s not a magical cure, you’ll have to put in some effort to read the guide then follow the instructions
  • The treatments may time some time to work but often have long term benefits
  • The 2 bonus gifts are only available in digital formats (well I just downloaded them and printed them out anyway)


I’ll be honest, I didn’t finish reading the entire book. But that’s because it has so much information, I wouldn’t be able to absorb everything in one go! The great thing is that it’s very neatly organized, and I love having it around just so I can look at a remedy whenever the need arrives or just get some ideas from it. (Some of the recipes taste really good as well!) It’s kind of like my repository for go-to natural healing remedies.

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